Monday, July 2, 2012

Upstairs on the Square: Mini Blogger Brunch!

Hi Guys!  I went on another blogger meet-up! Yay for blends!

On Sunday, I met up with two other bloggers (Tracy, and Sarah) for a little brunch date at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square.  Sara and Tessa were invited, but they couldn't make it this time, :(, it's hard to find a day that everyone is available!

I've eaten lunch at this place before for lunch, but I've been wanting to try their famous brunch for a while now.  So, when we were brainstorming places to go for our meet-up, I suggested Upstairs on the Square, and everyone liked the idea.  It's an adorable place, and the decor is so unique, it's definitely worth checking out!
 I got a cup of coffee to start.  Even in this kind of heat, I still love to start my day with a hot coffee.
The pinky's up because I'm a proper lady.
I snapped some pictures of the restaurant because it is just so cute.  We were saying how it would make the perfect location for a baby shower, bridal shower, or any other girly party.  It reminds me a little of Betsey Johnson's style.  We loved it.

For my meal, I got the fresh herb and goat cheese omlete.  It came with a small side salad and some roasted potatoes.  It was delicious, and very filling!  I could only finish half.

Tracy, Me, and Sarah
We had our waitress snap our picture before leaving.  So nice to get to know you better, Sarah!  Can't wait for future meet ups.  :)


  1. What a cute place!! I'm so jealous, we don't have cute places like that around here!!

  2. Next time your over this way, I'll take it, you would love it!


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