Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ocean Kayaking, Sushi, & Oysters

Today I went ocean kayaking at Lynch Park with my good friend Meaghan.  I haven't been ocean kayaking in a very long time, so I was really excited to go.  Even though it was overcast, it was still really hot out, and the breeze from the ocean plus the water splashing on us from the paddles kept us nice and cool.
I planned to take my camera, but the rental guy strongly recommended leaving it behind since it isn't waterproof.  He asked "do you really need to take it?"  And I was like ""YES! I need it!"  I'm a blogger! Why don't people understand?  You can't take a camera away from a blogger.

I realized he was right, and I probably would ruin it, so I left it with him.  I did manage to get a picture of the paddles before our excursion.
We got a double kayak for an hour and a half.  When we asked how we were supposed to know when our time was up (we had no phones or watches) the rental guy told us to ask someone on the beach. We didn't end up doing that, and just went back in when we thought we had been out long enough, and we ended up coming in a half hour early! Oh well! 

Kayaking is really good exercise.  It was a great arm workout for me.  I decided to look up how many calories are burned in one hour of kayaking.

"According to the American Council on Exercise, a 125-lb. person burns 283 calories per hour of kayaking while a 150-lb. person burns 340, a 175-lb. person burns 397 calories and a 200-lb. person burns 454 calories. Higher body weight requires increased energy expenditure for activity." Source

I also learned that kayaking burns less calories than running at 5.5 mph for one hour (obvious), burns more calories than cycling at 5.5 mph for 1 hour, and burns the same amount of calories as playing softball for 1 hour.  Interesting...

When we came back ashore, we walked around Lynch park. I had never been there before, so I had no idea how pretty it is.   Meaghan showed me the Rose Garden, where she said lots of people take pictures for proms and weddings there.  It was stunning! My pictures don't do it justice at all.

After burning all those calories kayaking, we decided to replace them with a nice lunch.  We went to Hale St Tavern, Oyster, and Sushi Bar. I was intrigued by this strange combination.  Do Oysters go with Sushi?
 Meg is brave and ordered 5 oysters.  I'm too much of a chicken to try them. I can barely eat mussels without getting freaked out, so I'm definitely not ready for oysters.  They do look really fun to eat though!  Maybe I'll add trying an oyster to my summer bucket list (that doesn't exist yet...).
 We shared an order of edamame.  Yum!  You can never go wrong with edamame  It's so tasty.
I also ordered the Hawaii Sushi roll.  It was unreal.  I'm a weirdo and only like cooked sushi, so this one was right up my alley.  It had coconut shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and topped with pineapple salsa.  It was really good.  It was one of those dishes that you don't want to end.  
A lovely day with a lovely friend.  :)

Have a wonderful night everyone!