Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey, it's OK....

Happy Friday!
This morning was off to a rough start for me.  In our apartment we have a washer/dryer combo that is one machine that does both.  It's pretty much the bane of my existence.  It never dries the clothes! When I asked my landlord if he could fix it, he told me to "shake the moisture out of the clothes."  Ummm... what?? Yea, I don't think that's gonna work buddy, but thanks for the tip.

Anyway...this morning I started a load of laundry and then realized I had another sports bra I needed to wash.  I tried to open the door to throw it in and guess what happened? The handle came off in my hand! Now all my clothes are stuck in there!  HELP!

I took a deep breath and tried to convince myself that this wasn't the end of the world.  (Dramatic much?) #firstworldproblems

Following the theme of things-not-going-your-way-but-still-being-ok-with-it, I put together a little list. 
(pssssst I stole this idea from Tessa, who borrowed it from Glamour Magazine)

Hey,  it's ok.....
  • to still not be sure what category this blog falls under (healthy journal for my mom to keep up with my life...?)
  • to listen to the Florence and the Machine album "Ceremonials"  non-stop for 4 months straight and not get sick of it.
  • to make a to-do list for the weekend that just consists of "Dye hair" and "Make pickles" and not even do either of those things.
  • to have a degree in Nutrition but not the R.D.credentials.  It took me a while to be ok with this, but hey, I'm doing just fine! I've been employed in my field in various hospital jobs since graduating, and I consider myself very lucky, especially in this economy.
  • to think raw egg protein drinks are gross but have no problem with the raw eggs in cookie dough.
  • to not have an iPhone (or any other smart phone) yet
  • to think that Teen Mom is a really good show
and there you go.  These things are O.K. with me!

P.S.  #HLS12 today!!! Wicked Excited!!!