Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cafe Burrito Blogger Event

Hi Guys!
There's a new burrito place in Belmont called Cafe Burrito, and I got to go try out the menu before it even opened.  I was invited by Dan, (the manager/creator/head chef/brains-behind-the-operation) to go check it out and taste some items from the menu, so I grabbed my BBB (best blogging buddy) Tracy and we headed over. 
Cafe Burrito is not only a burrito joint, they will also serve all sorts of caffienated beverages (hence the "Cafe" part) like coffee, espresso, tea, and soda, along with smoothies (fruit and coffee based) and pastries during the morning hours.  The burritos and tacos are available at starting at lunch time.  
I really liked the colorful and fun atmosphere of this place.  I felt right at home joining the other bloggers who came to the event. Kathy, Rachel, Pam, Liz, and Bianca were all in attendence, some I had met at Maggiano's and some were new faces.  I was really excited to finally meet Bianca, because I have been reading her blog, Confessions of a Chocoholic, for a while now.  Everyone was really nice, and I got to learn more about the Boston Food Blogger scene, which is definitely interesting (Diner en Blanc- what??). 
Dan started us off with a selection of salsas and some tortilla chips.  My absolute favorite salsa was the Peach Basil salsa, it's funny how basil seems to go with everything. After some chips, salsa, and peach sangria (sorry- not on the menu) we sampled some tacos.  We each tried one beef and one chicken taco.  While they were both delicious in their own way, I really liked the beef, it was marinated in coffee grounds and that gave it a really interesting taste.  The beef taco also had pickled vegetables on top, which isn't something you can get at any old burrito place.  The chicken was really tasty too, and served with shredded lettuce, cheese, and sweet corn.
After being stuffed almost to the limit, Dan brought out another two dishes for us to try.  This one (I forget the name) was a fusion between a grilled cheese and a quesadilla.  It was made on thicker bread than a quesadilla, but sliced into triangles.  We tried two flavors, the first one was tomato, basil, and mozz:
and the second was a Cubano type with beef, ham, cheese, pickled vegetables, and mustard:
Even though Belmont isn't very close to me, I hope to be able to come back and try the food again.   The food was awesome, and I could tell a lot of thought went into each item on the menu. If you live or work in the area, it's definitely worth checking out!
Thanks again for hosting, Dan! I wish you luck and success in this venture.