Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Hero

Today was a proud day.  My Dad was being honored at the 22nd Annual Fire Fighter of the Year Ceremony in Worcester, MA.  The ceremony started at 12:30 and it was an hour away.  I knew I needed a good breakfast because I wouldn’t be eating lunch until after the ceremony.

I whipped up an omelet  with spinach, broccoli, and feta.  I added a splash of Frank’s, of course.
 My Dad, along with other Fire Fighters from his department were being honored for a large fire that happened this summer.  A gasoline tanker was hit by another car and exploded on route 1 in my town.  There were 8 other cars involved in the crash.  The gasoline spill leaked into the Saugus river and the river caught on fire.  A few surrounding houses and a local business were also  involved in the fire.  The fire was the largest one my Dad has ever been in charge of.  He was the Incident commander for this fire.  

That's my Dad! His middle initial is NOT N, but that's ok.

My Dad, the chief and the other captains on his department were given  the Excellence in Leadership award.  I was very proud and happy for him that he was recognized for his hard work this close to his retirement.  I was touched by the kind words about the Fire Fighters.  They really do act without any regard for their own safety.  They would risk their own life to save another's.   I really wished I had my new camera to take pictures of this moment!

It was a very moving ceremony.  They honored many towns’ fire fighters for their bravery in different situations.  I am glad to be a part of the Fire Fighter community.  

After the ceremony we went to lunch to celebrate.  I was so hungry because it was almost 4 pm and I had eaten breakfast at 9am.  I ordered the Haddock sandwich with sweet potato fries.  Delicious!

 Now I’m off to the gym!

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