Monday, November 28, 2011

Warren Tavern & the best movie theatre in the world

On Saturday, the bf and I had to dog/house sit in Charlestown.  I suggested that we go to the Warren Tavern to check it out.  I've been there a few times, but not recently, and the bf has never been there.  It's a really cool place because it's so old.  It has been operating since 1780!  I thought it was the oldest tavern in Massachusetts but I found out that a few other places also claim that title.  Bell in Hand claims to be the oldest Tavern in America (est. 1795).  Hmmm that’s a few years after Warren Tavern...but it’s the Green Dragon that has the oldest date of establishment, 1654.  The Union Oysterhouse calls itself the oldest restaurant in America, but it wasn't established until 1826.   

Anyways, we watched the Bruins and ordered some food and beer.  We both got the Shipyard Pumpkin with the Cinnamon and sugar rim, of course.  He ordered the burger with cream cheese and I got the crab cakes appetizer.  

The food was delicious! My bf didn't even know that I liked crab cakes.  But I didn't know that he liked cream cheese on his burgers, seemed weird to me!

Also, very exciting news:  I  noticed that they served a variation of macaroni and cheese with peas  called Polish Mac&Cheese! I can add this restaurant to my list! For that, I award Warren Tavern 5 out of 5 peas!
Here's some grainy photo-graphical evidence: 
On Sunday, we went up to the BEST movie theater in the world called Chunky’sCinema Pub.  It’s an actual pub, as in they serve drinks and food while you watch the movie.  It’s a fun place because all the chairs are actually old car seats from old Cadillacs and Lincolns.  The menu is really cute because they name all the entrees and drinks after movies.  I had already eaten dinner, so I just ordered a Butter Beer float.  If you aren’t a nerd like me and don’t know what that is, it’s a drink from the Harry Potter books/movies.  

Guess what movie we saw?

I <3 Kermit.

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