Friday, February 3, 2012

Pickles, Pretzels, and Cheese!

Happy Friday,  folks!
I'm really excited for this weekend, and not just because of the Superbowl.
I'm not a football person, I didn't even know who the Pat's were playing against until this morning.
It's just not my thing.

I watch the Superbowl for two reasons:
1. The commercials
2. The halftime show

The real reason I'm excited for this weekend is because I'm running a race on Sunday!
I had been debating about signing up for it for a few weeks, then a friend of mine sent me a coupon code to get $10 off the registration fee and I just signed up!

It's the Super Sunday 5 Miler, and it starts right near my office in Kendall Sq.  It looks like a pretty good course.  There's even an option to do a 5k instead of a whole 5 miles.  I wanted to do the five miles because I figured it would be really good practice for my ten mile race (which is only a month away!).

Here's my training plan for the week:

Sunday- 3 miles(check)
Monday- 3 miles(check)
Wednesday- 4.26 miles (I ran outside because it was 50 degrees! yay! )
Thursday- Off
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: I'm going to attempt to go to Body Pump
Sunday:  Super Sunday 5 Miler!!!

Can we talk about my Wednesday night run? I really need to share.
So I headed out to run at about 6 pm.  It was pretty dark, but I had a little blinkie light attached to me so people could see me, and my track jacket and sneakers were reflective.  Towards the end of my run, I turned off the main road and ran into this little neighborhood close to my house.  The streets were really dark, and I couldn't see much.  I ended up tripping in a pot hole in the road and almost falling. This started me quite a bit, but when I looked up I saw something in the road a few feet ahead of me.  I couldn't really tell what it was, but as I got closer I saw it was a dog just lurking in the darkness staring at me!  I was afraid to run past him because I didn't want him to chase after me.  I just said "hey pup" and kept walking until he was out of sight!
Phew! It was scary!  I'm not afraid of dogs, but this one was really creepy!

On Thursday, I went out to dinner with two of my very lovely friends.  We met up at the commons and went to Stoddard's for some appetizers and beers.
I ordered the Rapscallion Honey Ale to drink.

We ended up ordering four appetizers to share:  The pot of pickles, the cheese plate, pretzels, and fries.

It really hit the spot! :)  The pot of pickles was my favorite.  It had an array of pickled vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, green beans, and some actual cucumber pickles.  The cheese plate was really good as well (even though I couldn't identify some of the cheeses). 
I really liked this place and would love to go back again!

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