Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tory Row 5k w/ Team Mac&Cheese&Peas!

Shaina, Jackie, & Me
I had an awesome experience at the Tory Row 5k on Sunday!

Official results:
Time: 27:33
Pace: 8:53

Our Team came in 7th!

Total Time: 1:58:26

Things that made it awesome:

  • My bestest running buddies were there!  Representing Team Mac&Cheese&Peas!
Team photo: Shaina, Jackie, Tracy, me

  • Drizzley weather= great running conditions

  • Guzzling a Harpoon beer at 9:45 am

  • Chasing that beer with a piece of Perfect Fuel Chocolate
from Wickedpotatoes

  • Chatting to some crazy barefoot running men who tried to convince us they invented barefoot running.  uh yeah right buddy, obviously cavemen invented it!

  • Chatting to Race Menu guy, J Alain Ferry, and then signing up for Team RaceMenu (!!!)  

  • Grabbing Brunch (& mimosas!) at Russel House Tavern

Things that made it not so awesome:
  • Losing a contact lens before the race even started! 
and...that's it actually.

P.s.  Please watch this video!  Dr. Katz invented the ONQI system that scores food for NuVal, the company I work for.  These are his adorable children.

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