Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burger and Sake Night!

Hey guys!
I went to a pretty cool event the other night.  Boston Food Blogs did a giveaway for two tickets to Burger and Sake Night hosted at Tasty Burger, and I won!  I totally didn't expect to win, so it was an awesome surprise when I found out.  This event was created by Todd Bellamy, who writes a blog called Boston Sake.  Check it out because he is new to the Boston Food blog scene and is already doing cool things to bring more Sake in Boston.
Since I won two tickets, I could bring a guest, and I knew just who to bring: CJ! He loves burgers, and hasn't gotten a chance to try Tasty Burger yet.  He also really likes Sake.

Sake has a special meaning to our relationship because the first time I tried Sake was on our first real un-chaperoned date. We went to a Japanese restaurant on Valentine's Day in 2009 and ate heart shaped sushi and drank hot sake.  It was much more romantic than our first "date" where we went on a snowmobiling day trip to Vermont with my dad; yup just me, CJ, and my Dad.  I can't believe he stuck around with a girl who brings her father as a chaperone on the first date, but he did and he's still here 3.5+ years later.  That's your fun fact for the day.

Anyway, back to Burger and Sake night:
After Todd and the Sake Brewer made a few announcements about the event,  the burgers started coming out.  Each burger was paired with a different kind of Sake.  CJ and I had three burgers between the two of us.  What can I say, they kept bring out more burgers, so I kept eating them.:)
CJ and I made friends with the photographer hired for the event.  Since I'm pretty new to photography with a dSLR, he gave me some basic tips, and then we compared burger pictures.  His picture was probably a little better, but then again, I'm not a professional ;).
My favorite burger was the one with mushrooms and aioli and it was paired with an earthy tasting Sake.  It worked well with the mushrooms.  Delish!
I tried two kinds of Sake, one was fruity,  and the other was more earthy.  The earthy one was aged longer to give it a deeper flavor.  I preferred the fruity one, but they were both pretty good.  I haven't had too many experiences with Sake, so I'm still getting acquainted with the taste.  I think I might be starting to like it.  
 The Sake was served in these cute little cups.  It was the perfect amount for sampling.
Along with the canned Sake and Burgers, they also served a Pineapple Shake.  I drank three or four before CJ informed me that they had Sake in them.  After that, I tried to slow down a little bit because I didn't want to get accidentally drunk on a Monday night. I loved the little cups and the colorful straws, so cute and yummy!
I had so much fun sampling the Sake, guzzling the pineapple shakes, and chowing down on some burgers. It was nice to be able to bring CJ to a Boston foodie event, and this one in particular was right up his alley.

 Thanks for the invite, Todd! I look forward to the next food + Sake event.:)

Do you like Sake?  Have you ever been to a tasting? This was my first Sake tasting, and I've been to a few beer tastings, but I have always wanted to go to a wine tasting!


  1. Like the idea of a Sake and Pineapple drink, that sounds very appealing.

  2. hello kitty & dear danielAugust 16, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    mushroom & aioli sounds delish! and kawaii (cute) fun fact!

    1. Soo delish! I love aioli. and thank you! :)

  3. Looks lovely lucky thing! never tasted Sake ..but I should try it for the sake of it :P

    1. good one. hahahaha. you are just so clever Tracy.


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