Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiki Week @ Local 149


I have another fun event to share with you guys!  Last Thursday, In conjunction with Boston Food Bloggers, I was welcomed to Tiki Week at Local 149, a restaurant and bar in South Boston, to come in and try their Polynesian inspired appetizers and Tiki drinks.  I grabbed my friend Alex, and we headed over to try it out.
I was blown away by how good the food and drinks were. 
This drink was called the Rannygazoo.  It was made with R St Barth Rhum, Lime, Pistachio orgeat, and housemade Ginger beer.  I loved it!  I'm all about anything with ginger beer.  It was unlike any drink I've ever tried.  I hope to see it offered at more places because I really liked it.  Alex ordered the Jeweled Turtle which had R St Barth Rhum, Applejack, Blueberry and Lemon.  It was kinda watery, so she ordered a Rannygazoo for her next drink.
Since it was Tiki week at the restaurant, they had a special menu.  The menu had a special for 3 appetizers for $35.  Pretty good deal considering the portions were good sized and the food was amazing.

 First up:

Spicy Lemon and Agave Spare Ribs
Mahi mahi Fish Sandwich
Complete with fried plantains, hibiscus flower, and mini drink umbrella. How fun.
and finally, saving the best for last:
Polynesian-style Braised Beef short ribs
I didn't get a very good picture, but these were ridiculously good.  So tender!

For dessert we shared a s'mores pie on the recommendation of the waitress.  This was unreal.
soo soo so good.  If you ever go to Local 149 I highly recommend this dessert.

To finish the meal, Alex ordered us two banana infused shots of rum!  I think she was really enjoying her first food blogging event. 
Thanks, Local 149!  I will definitely be back!

Have you ever had Polynesian inspired food?


  1. AMY- this post made me starving!
    and all "alcoholic-feeling": I NEED A DRINK!
    ginger beer, sounds awesome...
    like, so awesome, That I'm going to hunt for it.

    I visited Boston for the first time this weekend, and spoke with plenty of locals, I could NOT get enough of the accent. (born jersey girl here)

    1. hahah! I was drooling while writing this post. Ginger beer is amazing, it's kinda like root beer.

      How did you like Boston?? I don't have much of the accent. I only have it when I say certain words, especially "margarita." haha it's weird

  2. Oh my gosh that food looks so good. I love the drinks and the dishes are so beautifully plated. Plus, melt any kind of marshmallow and I am in!

    1. haha yes, seriously the best food (and drinks) I've had in a while. i was so impressed!

  3. OMG Smore pie - that looks so good :) The ribs look pretty amazing too!
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. Yes, both were insanely good! Yum! I want more. haha

  4. Smore's pie?! Holy delicious!!!!!

    1. Haha yes, soooooo goood. omg. especially with the mini toasted marshmellows!


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