Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ima Vermonta, I do what I wanta...

Well I'm not actually a Vermonter, but I did feel like one last weekend!

Things that happened:

 1. I took a million pictures of the scenery in Vermont, and I went a bit overboard with the macro setting. Can you blame me? It was so pretty! See for yourself....

 2. The power went out in the cabin and we had to light 100 candles and oil lamps and huddle by the woodstove.
 3. We made tons of delicious food using pie crusts. Mini chili pies and corn beef hash and egg hand pies? Yes please!
4. We also made a ton of yummy drinks including:
      a. White Russians
      b. hot mulled cider with rum (heated on the woodstove, how rustic)
5. I discovered my love for Frank's Red Hot sauce
6. I drove a quad/four-wheeler through a muddy field and have never felt more like a "Vermonter" in my life.  I believe they call that "muddin'"

Can't wait to head back up there in the winter!

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