Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes and Jack-Owl-Lanterns

One of my very dear friends was born on Halloween.  How spooky.   Last year I made him these adorably sweet Halloween cupcakes.  I made my own butter cream frosting and used food coloring to make it green for the Frankensteins.  I used regular frosting and gels from the grocery store for some of the details.  The cupcakes were made with regular boxed cake mix, not sure which brand.

The Vampire is my favorite.  I dripped red food coloring on him to look like blood. Mmmm he reminds me of Edward.  See the resemblance??

Are you scared yet??
The Frankensteins are made with gum drops for their....uh...things on the side of their heads.  The mummy had gum drops pushed into the cupcake for eyes.  I used different tips for the frosting tubes to make the different designs.  I used a flat one for the mummy's wrappings.  I had a lot of fun making them (and eating them.)  Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos!

Today I was looking for cute ideas for carving a pumpkin.  Tomorrow I'm going to a Pumpkin Carving party.  How fun!  I found this idea on Martha Stewart's website (and no- i don't usually go on that website.)  I LOVE owls, and I thought these were just too precious.

This morning on the way to the train, I stopped into my favorite little place, The Busy Bee Bakery.  I was glad to see they were in the Halloween spirit.  They had these creepy things on the counter.  They are made of Bread with candles inside! Bread-o-lanterns if you will....

They also had themed cupcakes such as Boston Scream Cupcakes complete with green slime(a.k.a frosting)!

I love Halloween. :)

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