Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh no, It's November!

The only bad thing about Halloween is that November 1st is the next day!  And we all know what that means, christmas music on the radio and Santa at the mall.  Poor thanksgiving, it never gets any credit!

Here's a recap of my Halloween weekend:

- I carved super cute pumpkins.  I found the pattern for the large pumpkin online from searching Google for  "Cute Owl Pumpkins," I kid you not.  I carved the small pumpkin free hand.  Here's my masterpiece:

 Can you even handle how cute it is?

Momma owl and Baby owl!

 Look at him! I can't even take it.  I could barely fit a tea candle in him.

- For the parties I went to, I dressed up as Joan Holloway, Mad Men's red head vixen.   Here's the proof:

What do you think?   And how about my Don Draper?  Not too shabby, huh?

- On Monday (actual Halloween), I went to a restaurant dressed as Ginger Spice.  Unfortunately there's no proof.  I know what you're thinking, (Pics or it didn't happen) but believe me, it really did happen, and I felt incredibly awkward in my British flag mini dress and go-go boots. 

In Other News....

My brother and his girlfriend have decided to run the 5K with me.  The more the merrier! Literally.

My training has been going really well.  Last night I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Go me!  I always have a better run when I have a really good playlist on my iPod.  This time my playlist consisted of a single song:  "We found Love" by Rhianna.  On repeat.  12 times.  I'm obsessed.

Also, If you haven't yet, get to a DD and try the Mint Hot Chocolate. It's really really good.

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