Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oreo Balls (take 2) and Orange Clove Pomanders

Yesterday was a complete success.  I accomplished everything on my to-do list, and then some.  

I went for a run, and my first mile only took me 7 min and 59 seconds, which is really good for me.   The 5k is a week from today! I’m super excited about it, and like I told my brother’s gf, I’m not in it to win it.  I’m just in it to have fun.   However, I do want to finish it in under 30 minutes.

My brother's gf and I made Oreo balls, and they came out better than last time.  This time we blended the Oreos in a blender, and used baking chocolate to melt(it was way smoother than chocolate chips).

After making those, I ran out to pick up a few things.  I wanted to make some orange clove pomanders like I saw here.  They smelled amazing, and looked festive.

 The party was really fun and we took a ton of pictures with our new camera.  The drinks I made were a big hit. I made pomegranate mimosas, with Champagne, Pomegranate juice and seeds.  It was fun to drink in a champagne flute because the seeds floated up from the bottom.  I love the Holidays!

Red lipstick + Ornament earrings

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