Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Things that put me in the Christmas Spirit

Three things that put me in the Christmas Spirit:

  •   Santa Squeeze-my-cheeks:  My grandma makes these out of yarn and plastic canvas and I just love them to pieces.  You put a little Hersey kiss inside and it’s like Santa gave you a kiss! So adorable.

  •   Making sugar cookies (and eating the dough):  We used to always make sugar cookies and my favorite part was eating the dough scraps leftover from the cookie cutters.
  • Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Fluff:  Is there anything better in the world than Fluff?  It’s even better now that I’m an adult and I can spike my hot cocoa. 

Last year me and the bf sent out Christmas cards to our friends and family.  They were pretty cheesy, but I thought they were cute.   See for yourself:

I plan to do it again this year especially since we have our nice camera now. We just need to take a nice picture!

Last night I went to yoga with my mom again.  I really need a new mat! The one I have has pictures of the poses all over it, and it's extremely slippery.   I'd love to get this one, but it’s a wee bit expensive.   Hey  Santa, are you reading this?

In other news, the race is this weekend! My brother picked up my number and t-shirt for me yesterday.  I convinced the bf to go and be my official photographer so I should have a few good pictures to share.

Here’s the official T-shirt and my number:

Dinner tonight is Chicken Pot pie.  Yumm! A good comfort food for the cold weather.  After dinner I plan to go for a run.  Should I brave the outdoors or chicken out and go on the treadmill?  hmmmm...

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