Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wine Night & a very busy Saturday

Last night when I got home from work I was starving and had no idea what to cook.  Not the best combo for me.  It’s safe to say I was a bit  “Hangry”  (hungry+angry= a term I read about in Health Magazine.)

So we whipped up a quick Italian dinner.  I mostly sat and watched the bf prepare everything while snacking on cheese and crackers and wine.  A good cure for a case of the “hangries.”

We made angel hair pasta, with tomato sauce, stir fry veggies(red, yellow and green peppers and onions) and some Italian sausages.  It was a great little meal, quick and easy.  

This morning I woke up super early for no reason.  Don’t you hate that?  I attempted to make myself a omelet using Chobani Greek yogurt, spinach and cheddar.  I got the idea of using Greek yogurt from one of my favorite bloggers
Halfway through the omelet cooking I noticed things weren’t going very well.  I abandoned ship and make it into a spinach and egg scramble.  I topped it with reduced fat cheddar and some Frank’s red hot sauce.  I am so predictable.  I completed my meal with a grapefruit half and some oj.

I have a very busy day ahead of me.  I’m going to a Christmas party tonight and I want to make my oreo balls again.  My brother and his gf are also going to a party tonight and they asked me to make some for them too.  They offered to pay me to make them, but I said “no way, let’s make them together.”

Today’s to- do List:
  • Make Oreo balls with my brother’s girlfriend
  • Go for a 3+ mile run outside
  • Buy cocktail ingredients for party
    (I’m thinking of making pomegranate mimosas- Pom Juice, Pom Seeds &, Champagne)
  • Assemble Outfit for party (because it’s a fancy party)
& That’s it!  Off I go!

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