Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One thing I wish I did more often...

Is Pack my lunch the night before!  It's a great way to plan a healthy meal, and save money.

I love having a salad for lunch, but If I’m short on time, I just throw a sandwich together.  If we have lunch meats, I usually make a turkey, provolone, and hummus sandwich on whole wheat bread.
If I do have time, I make a huge salad packed with every vegetable I can find.  

This is the salad I made last night:

Mixed greens
Chick peas
And I added Grapes, because I’m weird.
Yes, there's lettuce under there

Since I barely have time to make a lunch, I never have time to make breakfast at home.  Usually I throw some oats in a bag and bring along a tiny Tupperware of chunky peanut butter to mix in.  I make this at work and eat it at my desk.    

And I’m usually on the verge of passing out by the time I get to work.

Fact:  I need to eat often or I feel like I’m going to faint. 
Fact:  I have never actually fainted from not eating.
Fact: I have never actually fainted for any reason, but I did come close one time when I stayed in the sauna too long.

This morning since I woke up 10 minutes earlier than normal, I had time to make some eggs.  I made a egg sandwich on an English muffin with reduced fat cheddar and Frank’s(of course).
I take two eggs and scramble them in a bowl, then I pour it onto the pan and try to shape into something that would fit on an English muffin.  Most of the time I fail and end up with a giant flat omlette-looking thing.  Today was no exception.

This kept me full for a looooong time.

For lunch I had the salad, which was very filling, but I had a hankering for something sweet after.  I got a chocolate chip cookie from Au Bon Pain.  Yum!

Have you heard of the Traffic light or  Stoplight system of eating?  It's a rating system where foods fit into different categories like Red, Yellow, or Green.  It's a great system for kids.  Green means go, eat all you want foods like veggies.  Red is fatty or sugary foods to eat in moderation.  I've started using this system in my life.  Today, for instance, I had a cookie after lunch, and that was my one "red" food for the day.

 I had to work late today, because I left in the afternoon for a Dr’s appointment.  I’m starting Immunotherapy for my bee sting allergy.  I’ll tell you the whole story another time.

I didn’t get home from work until almost 7pm.  Luckily my parents had a plate made up for me waiting in the microwave.  Ahh... the perks of living at home.

It was baked fish, rice, mixed veggies, and asparagus.  Now there’s a vegetable I haven’t had in a while.

I was planning to go on a nice long run tonight, but the rain has put a damper on that (I’m not that hard core).  Looks like I’ll be spending some QT with the ol’ hamster wheel.

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