Monday, December 5, 2011

Yoga with Mom

A few weeks ago my mom mentioned that she wanted to do “hot” or Bikram Yoga.  When I asked if she had ever taken a regular yoga class, she said no.  She has only done the Yoga DVDs she has at home.  I suggested that she take a regular yoga class before the hot yoga just to get used to the poses, and to know what to expect.  Since you can bring a guest for free to my gym, I offered for her to come along with me. 
MG Fitness here we come!
 My lower back has been bothering me for a few days so I’m hoping this will help to stretch it out.  I can’t wait to do some cat & cow poses!

The class was packed so we ended up finding a spot in the back corner.  It started out very fast moving, which I liked, it really got my heart rate going.

I think the teacher was adding in some yoga fusion/pilates type things, which was good.  She did a few moves that really worked my arms and core.  She even did 5 minutes of ab exercise near the end.  My abs were burning!

At the very end of the class, we meditated.  Luckily, I had taken this class before, and I knew that the teacher goes around to every person in the class and places a scented tissue over their eyes and massages their temples.  I warned my mom about this before the class because I didn’t want her to freak out!

Now that I’m getting into yoga again, I really have to put my Living Social deal to use.  I bought a deal for 5 yoga classes at BSC in OCTOBER, and I still haven’t scheduled them.  I miss BSC so much, you think I’d be dying to go back there.  Truth is, I’m just lazy and I don’t like to plan my workouts.

New Goal:  Start planning weekly workouts (as you know that's not my strong suit)

New Mantra:  Commit yourself to constant improvement - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

What are your fitness goals and personal mantras?

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