Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recap of my 5k training

So the Jingle Bell run 5k is closing in.  It’s in 2 weeks! 

I can’t believe it’s so soon.  I got an email about where and when to pick up my t-shirt, bib, and bells. (I’m most excited about the bells).  Luckily one of the places to pick-up the stuff is on my way home from work so It won’t be out of the way.

The route begins in front of the Burren ( a pub in Davis Square) and ends on Highland st in Davis square.

Harpoon is sponsoring the post-race refreshments.   Remember how much I love Harpoon?

There’s a bunch of pubs/bars in the area to go after the race.  I can’t wait to chase my run with a nice cold beer.  

The email also said that you can win a prize for dressing up.   I want to dress up as an elf, and I just have to convince my running partner, Tracy.  Come on Tracy, It will be so fun!

This could be us:
 Here’s a recap of my 5k training:
Sept 30- 1 mile
Oct 1- 2 miles
Oct 2- 1 mile
Oct 6- 2 miles
Oct 7- 2 miles
Oct 8- 1.4 miles
Oct 19-2 miles
Oct 20- 1 mile
Oct 24- 1 mile
Oct 27- 2.2 miles
Nov 2- 3 miles
Nov 5- 2 miles
Nov 7- 2 miles
Nov 13- 3.39 miles
Nov 14- 1 mile
Nov 19- 3.28 miles
Nov 20- 1 mile
Nov 25- 3.31 miles
Nov 26- 1 mile
Nov 29- 2 miles
Dec 4- 1 mile
Total miles ran to date: 46.58! That’s almost 2 marathons.

I feel prepared.  For my training I tried to run outside as much as possible, but most of the runs were done on the treadmill.  My goal is to run outside a few more times for 3+ miles to get used to the cold air.

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