Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Alcohol-free St. Paddy's Day!

Hi Guys! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope yours is filled with a lot more green beer than mine will be.....

This morning I met my friend Shiloh for a walk around Lake Quannapowitt.  The lake is about 3 miles around, so it's a very popular spot for walkers and runners, and they have a weekly 5k fun run that I've been wanting to do forever.

The sky was over cast and even though the temperature was 49 degrees, we felt pretty cold.  It was just a gloomy yucky day.
I did manage to take some nice pictures of the scenery like this pretty weeping willow tree.
After some nice girl-talking and walking we headed to Creation's Cafe for lunch.  I ordered a Tuna melt with cheddar and drank a Nantucket Nectar Apple Juice.

It was just perfect.  Yum!

After lunch, I stopped at my gym to use the foam roller on my calves and hamstrings (which are still killing me from tabata!).  I felt like a loser just coming in to use the foam roller for 5 minutes, maybe I should invest in one of my own!

For dinner, CJ and I are making Beef Stroganoff.  We've attempted to make it a few times, but it's never come out the way we want it to, but maybe this time it will.  I made a special trip to the supermarket to pick up red bell peppers and mushrooms.  We're using this recipe.

Verdict:  It tasted ok, but it looks like dog food...maybe we just don't like beef stroganoff after all....

Tonight I'm heading to a friend's party for a little while.  I'm not planning on drinking because I have the 5k tomorrow morning.  I know a 5k isn't that long or hard but I do not want to be hungover for it!
Remember how I said I had to do it alone, but CJ was going to be there for moral support/photography?  Well, now he has to work so I'm really going to be 100% alone!  Wahhhhh..
Wish me luck!

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