Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Lovely Sunday

I started the day off right with a veggie packed breakfast.  I made myself a veggie scramble, a deconstructed omelet, if you will.  It was loaded with spinach, red yellow and orange bell peppers, and onions.  I sprinkled reduced fat cheddar and Frank's Red Hot sauce over the top.  Delish!

After breakfast and a few episodes of Project Runway Accessory,  I went for the best run I've had since I started training.  The weather was perfect, 60 degrees, breezy, and sunny.  I Ran 3.39 miles in 31 minutes.  I felt really good about this run.  I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged my Nike+ band into my usb port and logged onto the website to check my pace and time.  The first mile took me 9:09 minutes.  The second mile was even faster at 8:45 minutes!  I didn't even know I could run that fast.  The third mile was slower and it took me 9:52 minutes. 

This is week 7 of my 5k training.  Even if I haven't been following my Smart Coach plan exactly,  I do feel confident about running the distance.  I'm honestly more worried about running in the cold weather.  From now on I'm going to try to run less on the treadmill and more outside.  I recently read that when you run outside you run at a steadier pace and get less bored than when on a treadmill. 

After the run I stretched and showered and headed out for lunch with the boy.  We went to Creations Cafe.  I ordered a Eggplant Balsamic panini, and a Nantucket Nectars Pomegranate Pear.   He ordered a Blackberry 50/50 Smoothie (I think the 50/50 meant if was made with half juice and half yogurt.) 

 My sandwich was delicious.  I am definitely getting all my servings of veggies today.

I got a Chai Latte after my meal.  I love the designs they put in the foam.  The barista added cinnamon and honey.  It was perfect.

Overall a very lovely day. :)

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