Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Burritos

Let's make burritos for Cinco de Mayo!  These are quick, easy, and tasty!

This will not be a drinko de mayo for me since I have a 5 mile race tomorrow.  (FYI: doing races really curbs your drinking, remember St. Paddy's Day?)

I was originally going to make black bean burritos, but CJ whines if I feed him dinners without meat so we picked up some ground beef (86/14) and taco seasoning on the way home.

Wheat Tortillas
Sour cream
Ground Beef
Bell pepper
White onion
Black Beans
Brown rice
Taco Seasoning

We combined the beef, onion, seasoning, bell pepper, and black beans in a pan.  Then we heated up some leftover brown rice.  We put the tortillas in the oven to soften up for about 10 minutes.
 Then, we assembled!

After we ate, CJ asked, "Did you plan burritos for dinner since it's Cinco de Mayo?" (He's a clever one)
You better believe I did!

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  1. mmmm! looks yummy!! and i bet they were a lot healthier than the fajitas i had at the border cafe :)

    good luck on your race!


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