Sunday, June 10, 2012

A 5k, a Wedding Shower, a BBQ, and a Graduation Party

Hi Guys! Happy Sunday!

My Saturday was by far the busiest day Ive had all year.  Luckily everything worked out, and I had time to make it to all my events.  Get ready because this is going to be a long post!

9:30-11am 5k at the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, Ma.
I woke up at 6:30 am, and started my day with a cup of coffee.  For breakfast I made some toast with peanut butter, honey, and sliced strawberries.  It was a picture perfect breakfast, but I only took a picture of my coffee :(

I left my house at about 7:30, and headed to South Station to pick up my BBB(best blogging buddy), Tracy, and her friend Miriam who had just flown over from Ireland.  We drove over to Canton to the Irish Cultural Center.  

At 9:25 we lined up, they were a little late starting the race, so we didn't start running until 9:40.  It was a small race, only 121 people ran it, so I wasn't as nervous as I get at some of the huge races.

The course was boring, we just ran down flat, straight roads with one little loop into a parking lot.
The race went by really quick, and I was done and drinking a Magner's before I knew it!
Official Time:  26:22
Pace: 8:30
Place: 42/121

After we got some food and refreshments, we listened as they announced the top three men and women, the wheelchair division winner, and the award for best costume.
We stopped to check out a tent that had displays for all the counties in Ireland.  I snapped this pic of Tracy and Miriam next to the display about their home county of Cork! 

Unfortunately we couldn't stay very long at the festival because I had to go to the Bridal shower, so we headed back home so I could get ready.

1-4pm- My dear friend Liz's Bridal Shower at Tavern in the Square, Cambridge.

After I showered and got ready at Tracy's apartment, I drove over to Cambridge for Liz's wedding shower.
Every table had a pitcher of Sangria, so I helped myself to a glass right away.
Here's the lovely Bride-to-be and her sister.  She's opening my gift!  I got her a really cool mirror from Crate and Barrel. 
While Liz was opening the gifts, we had some cake.  We had a choice of Carrot cake of Chocolate cake.  I chose chocolate obviously!  I did try a bit of the carrot cake and it was awesome, but I am glad I stayed loyal and stuck with the chocolate.   The cakes were home made by Liz's aunt who owns a popular restaurant in North Conway.  She is a very skilled baker!  The chocolate cake had a mocha frosting and it was to die for.

4-6pm- BBQ with CJ's friends in Wakefield

Since the shower ended at 4, and my cousin's graduation party didn't start til 6, I had some time to kill.  I called CJ to see what he was up to.  He was at his friend's neighbor's cookout and he said I should come meet him there, so I headed over.

When I got there I saw there was a live band.  These guys were awesome! They played some blues, and CJ even got up and played the drums with them for a song.

My favorite part of this barbeque was the 9 week old puppy that was there.  She was so cute! She didn't even look real!  Her name was Rosie and I couldn't even handle the amount of cuteness.
 What an angel!  I need a puppy in my life... :(

6-9pm-My cousin James' Graduation Party in Saugus

After hanging out at the BBQ for a few hours, we headed over to my cousins house for his graduation party.  At this point my energy was starting to run out so I didn't snap any pictures the whole time.  I just hung out with my family, and ate some steak tips.  I wish I took a picture of the slushie machine my aunt rented because it was awesome!  Such a fun idea.

All the kids played volleyball, but since I was wearing a dress, I didn't play.  When it got dark, we broke out the sparklers and glow sticks and played with those.  You're never too old to play with sparklers!  Around 9, CJ and I left to go meet up with our friends at Chili's.   

9-11pm- Chili's

We got to Chili's and since I had been casually drinking all day, I didn't want to order anything but a water!  I munched on some chips, and sort of payed attention to the Celtics game (I don't really care about sports).  Everyone had plans to go see the midnight showing of the movie Promethius, but I decided to go home instead of sleeping through the movie!  It was definitely a good choice! I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Such a fun day! I'm spending today mostly relaxing until 6 when CJ is playing in a work Basketball tournament!  Wish him luck.



  1. Oh you definitely need a puppy in your life!! That puppy is gorgeous!!! :) What a seriously fun-packed day!!

    1. isn't she the most beautiful thing ever?! I almost stole her haha

  2. That sounds like a super fun day! I love busy days like that once in a while!

    1. me too! I didn't think I could do it all but I was surprised by my time management skills!

  3. What a fun day! I work near Tavern in Allston, I love the food there. And yes, chocolate all the way! ;)

  4. Yes! The food there is great! I haven't been to that tavern, but I've been to all the rest, Porter, Central, and Salem. :)

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