Thursday, June 28, 2012

Biking to the Co-op: I'm so Green

Happy Thursday!
Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week because I get to go pick up my CSA Share.  Yay!
This was a good week because I got a bunch of things that I'm comfortable with so I know I'll eat them.

No challenges this week!  Well, no challenge with knowing what to do with the food.  I did have a bit of a  challenge getting the food home, though.  I had to ride my bike to the co-op location, and then balance two shopping bags full of vegetables on my handle bars.  Luckily, the co-op is only a mile from my apartment, but I still had to do a lot of tricky balancing.  A few times when I got some momentum, the bags started swinging around, and I got a little nervous, but everyone made it home safe and sound.  :)
Moral of the story:  I need a basket for my bike.

Most of you probably know that I really like taking pictures of my CSA share.
It's fun, and the lighting is really nice around the time I get home.

So, please enjoy this veggie and fruit photoshoot:

Recap of this week's share:
1 pint Blueberries
1 head Bok Choy
3 Summer squash
1/2 lb Spinach
1 1/4 lb Pea pods
3 Cucumbers
1 head of Lettuce

Also, I have some fun news:  this Sunday, I'm going to another Boston Blogger Meet-up.  Me, Tracy, Sara, Sarah, and possibly Tessa are going to have brunch at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square.  I absolutely adore this place so I'm really excited.  If you are a Boston Blogger in the area, and would like to come, send me and email/tweet/comment!  The more the merrier. :)

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