Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flaming Yons

Hey Guys! Happy Thursday!
In case you don't know what the title means, try reading it again...Get it?  Flaming yons = Filet Mignon
That's how I like to say it in my brain anyway.  It's kinda like that "Olive Juice" thing, you know, if you wanna mouth the words "I Love You" to someone you say "Olive Juice" or "Elephant Shoes."  I never understood why you couldn't just mouth "I love you" though.....

Anyway, back to the story... these Filet Mignons were purchased off the back of a truck that turned around in my parent's driveway.

My Dad was out mowing the lawn or doing something dad-like and a random truck came down our street (we are the last house on a dead end) and so the truck had to turn around in our driveway.  The driver saw my Dad and asked "Hey do you wanna buy some steaks?"  My Dad obviously said yes and ran inside to ask my Mom for $125 to purchase a bunch of meat from a cooler in the back of the truck.  My Mom (understandably) wasn't as excited about this as my dad, but she gave him some money anyways.  Now my parents have a bunch of steaks in their freezer.  My Dad gave me some because he knows I'm a poor starving college grad, and I don't turn down free food.  He gave us two steaks, and two filet Mignons.  We ate the steaks a few weeks ago and didn't die of  E. Coli. 0157H7 so I think we should be OK with these filets.:)

First, we sliced up a potato into french fry-like shapes, tossed them in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and Lawry's seasoning.

I also made some roasted broccoli, by tossing the broccoli in olive oil, and seasoning with salt, pepper, and garlic salt.

To prepare the filet mignon, we seasoned the filets, and then heated up some butter (eeek) in a pan.  I usually don't like to cook with butter, but since it's a rare occasion for us to have filet Mignon, I figured it would be ok.
notice the "M"- we use that side of the cutting board for meat only. YEA food safety

After taking this picture I covered my entire plate in ketchup and consumed. :)

P.S. Check out my friend Sarah's New Blog!  I'm featured in it!

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