Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Pea's Knees: Things I'm Excited About

1.  I joined Team RaceMenu.  Team RaceMenu is "a team of runners, cyclists and du/triathletes based in Boston, MA and competing primarily in New England."  It's totally free to join, all you have to do is pay for half of your singlet.  Once you get the singlet, you just wear it in any race that you participate in.  There are perks like discounted race entry fee's for referrals, and opportunities to do events like the 26×1 Mile Club Challenge Relay at Tufts and other relay type events.
I'm really excited because I haven't been on a team since high school and I miss the camaraderie and team atmosphere.  I'm also excited to meet some local runners, and maybe pick up on some racing and running tips.

2.  I joined Recipe Redux (see badge on side bar).  Their motto is "every healthy recipe deserves to be delicious."  The way it works:  on the 21st of each month, I will post my recipe for the monthly challenge.  Each month will have a theme (such as "whole grains highlighted” or “beyond the peanut butter sandwich"), and my job is to create a recipe that coincides with the theme and is in some way healthy.  I'm really excited to join this community because I want to explore my passion for creating healthy and tasty recipes (something I'm just starting to uncover).
3.  I'll be attending the 4th annual Healthy Living Summit right here in Boston!  The Healthy Living Summit is a 3 day event in Boston, where bloggers gather to attend seminars, participate in workouts, and meet and greet with like minded healthy living bloggers!  As of right now, I know three people going!  Yay for Blends!  
4.  CJ and I are hosting a housewarming party this weekend.  We finally picked a date, so I sent out some invites today.  I had to keep the guest list small because a few weeks ago we had four people over and our downstairs neighbor hit her ceiling with a broomstick to tell us to be quiet!  I couldn't believe it!  In her defense it was kinda late (1:30am), but there were only 4 of us just chatting and laughing!  I'm hoping if we keep the guest list small and reserved, we might not make anybody angry.  Fingers crossed.

One thing I have been looking forward to since I got my own apartment is getting to host parties.  I plan on making some little appetizers, and using the new cheese board and knives that my brother's girlfriend gave us.  Thanks, Yulia.  :)

5.  CJ and I are going to a 60's theme Wine and Cheese party this weekend.  I am obsessed with Mad Men and pretending to be Joan Holloway, so this is like my dream event.  Even though I was Joan for Halloween (whoa, major flashback post!), I don't plan on wearing that costume to this party.  My Joan costume was much too casual, and this is a formal event, so I need to class it up.  I plan on stopping at the Garment District one day this week to pick up some long white gloves.  I also plan on channeling Betty (on right) this time, instead of Joan(on the left).
What are you excited about?  Will you be attending the Healthy Living Summit?

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