Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 (WIll the world end, or will I learn to juggle??)

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of my time at the gym.  I’m hoping it’s not just a phase!  This week in my pilates class the instructor said, “Give yourselves some credit, this is the week with the lowest fitness attendance.”  I was like “wahooo go me!  I’m a dedicated gym goer” (as of late, anyways).  I don’t want to be one of those people that only goes to the gym right after the new year.  (BTW I am dreading going to the gym after Jan 1.)  But I don’t want my motivation to fizzle out!

While training for my first 5k, I realized that having a goal in mind really helped me stick to my work-out plan(duh!)
So, I decided to make some fitness (and life) goals for 2012 to see if I can stick to them.

Fitness Goals:
1.       Master the crane pose in yoga
2.       Run a 5k in under 29 minutes
3.       Sign up for and run a 10 mile race
4.       Learn to juggle (ok, this one was CJ’s suggestion, but it sounded like a fun goal to me)

Life Goals:
1.       Move out of my parents house
2.       Go on a trip, even if it’s a just for a weekend
3.       Learn to eat at a slower pace (I always make fun of CJ for eating so slow, but he really has the right idea!)
4.       Continue to blog my little heart out!

What are your fitness and life goals for 2012?  Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Or do you not even plan to exist in 2012?
I'd love to hear!

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