Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get out of your own way!!

The second I said I was going to do all this stuff and be all motivated, was the exact second I lost all motivation! Am I sabotaging myself? 

I've been in a little bit of a funk, and as a friend put it; "it's the anti-climax of the year."  Which is true in a way.  There are no more holidays to look forward to, no events to wear sequins to, there's no snow but it's still really cold... it's just a bit depressing!

To make matters worse I've also become sucked into a morbid TV show(Six Feet Under) and spent all day Sunday and Monday watching the entire first season.

Now that the holidays have passed, it's back to reality.  I'm left wondering "what am I doing with my life????" 
I'm assuming this is normal, and I'm probably just having a miniature quarter life crisis.  No big deal.

All I need are some endorphins to get me through these winter blues!

I need to change my negative self-talk to positive and get my butt on the treadmill!

I was hoping I'd have some really exciting news by now, but I don't....There is a 10 mile race in March that a friend told me about and I wanted to sign up for it.... I just....haven't yet.  I'm being a chicken, and I know I should just do it. 

I once read some advice in a magazine and it said:
Get out of your own way.

It's good advice, and what I took from it was:  the only person between you and your goal is yourself.  It's true! So, with that being said, I'm not going to let my negative thoughts stop me from doing whatever it is I want to do.  

If you really want to see self-motivation at it's finest, hop on over to running perspective

Now, If you'll excuse me, I have a date with my treadmill. :)

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