Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Jingle&Jab

My gym has been advertising this special Christmas Eve class for a few weeks now.  It sounded intense so I decided to try it.  It was advertised as “75 minutes of Cardio kick boxing and weights.” 
So I thought, “ bring it on, MG Fitness!”

I used to love cardio kick boxing in college, and I haven’t really done it since.  It’s an awesome way to get your heart rate up, and to sweat…a lot! Just don’t expect it to teach you how to be a fighter.  The moves aren’t exactly “UFC” material.

Last night I went out with some friends to Fat Cactus, so I was a little hesitant about crawling out of bed this morning and going to the gym for an intense 75 minute workout.  The class was at 8:45, not crazy early, but still pretty early for a weekend.  Even though I would have rather slept in, I dragged myself there and it was definitely worth it.  The class was very fun, and high energy!  I felt great after, and my arms are even a little sore already.  I’m so happy I went.

We started with a brief warm up, basic jabs, crosses, hooks,  and upper cuts.  The music was really fast and loud.   At some points during the class, the instructor was going so fast, people couldn’t even keep up!  Within the first 15 minutes, I was dripping in sweat!  There were so many people in the class that I was afraid to kick and punch because I didn’t want to hit anyone.  Luckily I didn’t, but I did get punched!  

 After the class I headed home and made myself a nice cup of coffee.  I plan on relaxing for the rest of the day.  How do you like to relax after a tough workout?

Tonight, I’m making pizzas with my family.  I guess it’s sort of a new tradition that we are starting.  We’re also going to open presents tonight because my dad has to work a 24-hr shift tomorrow.  Last year I had to work at the hospital on Christmas eve and Christmas. I was really sad!  The only thing that helped me through it was the fact that I was there to help people, and I should be grateful I got to go home after my shift, unlike the patients. 

After we open presents, my bf and I are heading to out friend's family Christmas party. I can’t believe this will be my third Christmas with the bf, time flies! 
This is my favorite picture of us from last Christmas

 And since I know you've been dying to see it, here's out Christmas card for this year:


Merry Christmas!!

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