Thursday, January 26, 2012

Longest Week Ever?

Happy Thursday!

Has this week been dragging for anyone else?  It has been going by slow!  It could be due to the fact that on Tuesday I booked an impromptu weekend getaway for me and the bf, and each day has been dragging since then! 

 I had to tweak my smart coach training plan a little bit because I know I’m not going to feel like/have time for working out this weekend.  Depending on the weather, I might try to sneak a 3 mile run in on Saturday, but if not, I’m planning to spend some time on the treadmill when I get home on Sunday.  Will either of those things actually happen?
remember these things??

 I’m starting to get really excited for the race in March.  Since my training has been going so great, I’m feeling  pretty confident that I’ll be able to finish the race within my goal time of 1 Hour and 45 minutes.

Here’s my training plan for this week:
Monday:  3 mile run(check)
Tuesday: 3 mile run(check)
Wednesday:  3 mile run(check)
Thursday: 2 mile run
Friday: Off
Saturday: Possible 3 mile run
Sunday:  Possible 3 mile run

Why is this week all 3 miles when I was running 4 and 7 miles last week, you ask?  I have no idea!  But since my plan is from “Smart” coach. I’m going to trust that they know what they’re doing.

Anyways, back to my weekend getaway…. We’re going to North Conway, NH.  We went two years ago and stayed in the most adorable B&B called the Peace Withinn.  How perfect does that sound?  It was really cute and our room had a gigantic bath with jets, and it’s own fire place.  We ended up staying for 4 nights during the week and we had the entire Inn to ourselves.  We shopped, ate alotm and even snow-shoed.  It was a really great time, and I know this year will be even better. :)

Our room: The Fire side room

Snow shoeing adventures

my main squeeze(squeege)

This year we’re staying at the Red Elephant Inn.  All of the reviews I have read for this place have been amazing, so I have really high expectations.  Most have said that the Inn Keepers are great and really personable.  Is it NOT anyone’s ideal job to be an Inn Keeper for a B&B? I know it’s mine!
I’m working a short day tomorrow and heading up right after.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it!


  1. Have so much fun on your B&B adventure! Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Thanks Jackie! I plan to take lots of pics!


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