Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seven Mile Saturday

Hey Everyone (all 3 of you that read this)!  I just ran 7 miles! I’m so proud of myself!
This morning I had a six mile run on the agenda from my training plan.  I figured I would do the six miles and keep going it I felt up to it.  When I reached six miles I thought I’d do a little more so I could do a 10k which is 6.21 miles.  Once I reached that I figured I would just go to 7 miles since I was feeling so great.  And I did it!  I ran 7 miles! The furthest I have ever run!  On a Treadmill!

That brings this week’s total miles up to 15. 

This week’s training recap:
Tuesday: 4 miles- 10:02 Pace
Thursday: 4 miles- 9:38 pace
Saturday: 7 miles- 10:01 pace

After this run, I’m feeling pretty good about the 10 miler.  I can’t wait for it!

Unfortunately most of my runs have been on the treadmill lately.  The treadmill and I are becoming the best of frenemies.  I wish I could run more outside, but since I do most of my workouts after work, it’s really dark and cold by then.  This morning I was hoping to run outside, but I woke up to another winter wonderland.  I did see one person out running today and I thought “yeah, he just looks insane.”

I started reading a new blog called Skinny Runner.  At first I thought the title was a little obnoxious, but I actually enjoy reading it, she’s pretty funny (especially her celebricizing page).  She runs about one marathon a month.  Who does that??? She even ran two marathons in a single weekend before.  At first I thought that was just ridiculous, but whatever floats your boat, right?  Where some people might think that’s a little excessive, I say more power to you, if your body can handle it and you’re doing it safely.  I doubt I'll ever get to that point , but I think I’ll use her as inspiration. :) 

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