Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday Night recap: Devlin's and Rosebud

Friday night was really fun.  My boyfriend’s band was playing a show in Davis sq.  The show wasn’t until 11 so  I went with my Co-worker Tracy to dinner first in Brighton.  We went to this lovely little restaurant called Devlin's.  It was really cute inside.  The bar had pictures of Audrey Hepburn on it and the feel of the restaurant was just classic.  

I ordered a Golden Apple for my cocktail.  It even had a cinnamon stick in it.  It was delicious!

For my entrée I ordered the butternut Squash Ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce.  It was so Yum!

I had looked at the menu earlier at work and had decided on the Cajun tortellini’s but I just can’t pass up a butternut squash ravioli.  And  I wasn’t disappointed!  Lucky for me, Tracy ordered the Cajun Tortellini’s so I got to try them/ finish the rest of entrée.  When the waitress came over to check on us I had both her plate and mine in front of me.  How embarrassing.  What can I say, I have a very healthy appetite.  

After dinner we caught a bus to Davis Square.  The show was at a Diner/bar called Rosebud.  It was Yankee Power’s first show in months so I got to see lots of friends I hadn’t seen in while.   While at the diner, I had a few Stella Artois, and Tracy had a Cosmo.  

I didn’t get home til 2am and I slept until about noon the next day.  I had to run five miles according to my training plan so I dragged my hungover butt onto the treadmill and completed the whole workout.  It was tough, but I found out that the treadmill can cure a headache!  

This week I ran a total of 15.45 Miles and that feels like a huge accomplishment for me.  I stuck to my workout plan for once! Go me!

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