Saturday, January 28, 2012

May Kelly's Irish Cottage and the first breakfast at Red Elephant

Hello Friends!

We arrived at the Red Elephant Inn yesterday afternoon.  We went inside to check in and met the Owner, Rob, his daughter, and their two adorable dogs.  One was a big old Golden retriever named Jack and the other was a teeny tiny Chihuahua named Cookie.  The owner was very welcoming and showed us the snack bar, which is stocked with a bottle of wine every evening and always has tea, popcorn, and apples.   Next he showed us the dining room, where we would have breakfast, and the common room which was a cozy little library.  

After seeing our room, we brought up our stuff and got settled.  Then we spent some time picking out where to go for dinner.  We decided on May Kelley’s Irish Cottage.  We went kind of early so it wasn’t busy at all.  We were seated right away and soon ordered our drinks.  I got a Blue Moon, and CJ got a Smithwicks.  

For our appetizer we ordered the Bruschetta.   I’m not usually a big fan of appetizers because they fill me up, but I couldn’t pass up the bruschetta.  Before we got the appetizer they brought us out some brown bread, which was warm and delicious.  The crust was a little bit burnt/crispy, but it was perfect that way.  When our bruschetta arrived, I was surprised to see that it was covered in melted cheese.  Usually I just see it with chucks of tomatoes on top, but this one was like a little pizza.  It was really good and I was happy we ordered it.

This place was a pretty authentic Irish place, they even had black pudding on the menu!  CJ ordered the Shepard’s pie which is made with Lamb, and I got the sirloin steak salad, with cranberries, grilled Portobello, and gorgonzola cheese.  It was really good, and we both enjoyed our meals a lot.

This morning we woke up and headed downstairs to the dining room for breakfast.  They offered us Coffee or tea to start. I chose coffee, and CJ chose the Irish breakfast tea.  Our first course (out of three) was the Zeppole with a raspberry jam served in a martini glass.  It was so yummy!  I had never heard of them/had them before, but I loved it.

The second course was a fruit dish.  It was sliced banana covered in a sauce made with peanut butter and yogurt and covered in brown sugar.  This was so good!  It want to try to make it at home.

We had a choice for our third course.  We could choose egg’s Benedict or a waffle.  We both chose the egg’s Benedict.  It was so tasty.  It came with a side of potatoes roasted with thyme.   I could barely finish my plate because I’m not used to having three course breakfasts!   I seriously can’t wait to see what’s for breakfast tomorrow. 

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