Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flatbread, The Muddy Moose, and The Stairway Cafe

Aw Man, the weekend’s over!

Yesterday after breakfast we headed into downtown North Conway to check out the little shops.  
 When we got hungry, we stopped into Flatbread to get a pizza.  There is a Flatbread in Burlington, Vt (where I went to school), so I’ve been a bunch of times.   We also visited this Flatbread the last time we were in North Conway.  They bake their flatbreads in a big fire brick oven, and they use lots of local and organic ingredients.
We ordered the vegetarian flatbread, which was CJ’s idea!  I can’t believe he chose it over the cheeseburger pizza which is topped with hamburger, cheese, pickles, mustard and ketchup!  The vegetarian pizza had artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and  yellow bell peppers.  I ordered a Switchback (which is brewed in Burlington, VT!)  and CJ got a lemonade.  He’s lame.

As we ate, we watched a guy roasting red peppers over a fire.  I’ve never seen this done before so we stopped by to talk to him about it once we finished eating.  He said all you have to do it burn them until the skin is burned off and turned black.  Then you wash off the burnt skin in a big bucket of water.  The end result is the smooth red peppers that you can buy in a jar.  It was pretty cool to see it done by hand.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, snapping pics, and doing some shopping.  We even stopped by the Cupcakery and picked up three cupcakes.  I picked the Red Velvet one, and CJ chose the Maple Bacon Cupcake.  We also got one of the Chocolate mint mountain, which no one has eaten yet.

Later that night we headed to the Muddy Moose restaurant for dinner.  I ordered the Muddy Blues cocktail and CJ got a Black and Blue (Blue moon and Guinness).  CJ convinced me to get an appetizer at this place too, we ordered the spinach ravioli.  The order came out with two HUGE raviolis topped with mushrooms and placed on some marinara sauce.  I didn’t finish all of mine because I was trying to save room for my dinner!  You know how I feel about appetizers…

For the entrée, I ordered the Muddy Moose burger with sweet potato fries, and CJ got the perfect storm, which was a plate of mussels and shrimp, with fettucini and sauce.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, pet the dogs, enjoyed some red wine, and relaxed.
The Inn leaves out a bottle of wine each night for guests.

Cookie and Jack

 This morning when we woke up, we headed down to the dining room for breakfast, but the lights were off in the dining hall.  The owner’s wife came out an apologized and told us that unfortunately there had been an incident the night before and the owner wasn’t there to make us Breakfast.  She apologized and suggested some places that we might like to try for breakfast.  We were disappointed, but what can you do?  I just hope everything turns out ok for them!

 We decided to try the Stairway Café for breakfast.  I had originally wanted to eat at Peach’s but it was super busy.  We were seated right way in the Stairway Café, and the menu looked awesome.  I ordered the simply scrumptious omelet (ham, bacon, green peppers, onions, tomato, mushrooms, cheddar cheese) with a side of homemade apple sauce.  CJ ordered the Oscar Benedict, which was egg’s Benedict made with crab cakes and a side of asparagus and home fries.  It was really delicious.  

I ate so much delicious food this weekend!  Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation, right?

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