Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Lovermont Weekends

Is there anything better than playing in the snow like you did when you were a kid? (Especially when wearing your mom's snow suit from the 80's?)
Is there any better exercise than sledding?  (Especially when you have to walk back up a giant hill.)
 This weekend was a wonderful change of pace and scenery for me.
The fresh air, the powdery snow, the good company, and the yummy food... it was good for the soul.
hand cut fries

juicy lucy's stuffed with Munster and bacon

a wood stove to keep us cozy

I spent a lot of time preparing for this weekend, and it was all worth it. I food shopped, prepped, and packed. I also had to squeeze a 9 mile run into the work week since I wouldn't be able to run while in Vermont. I can't believe the 10 mile race is this Sunday! Time is flying!
 Here's my nike report from the run, can you tell where I ran out of energy? 

This Wednesday is the ICycle Homestart Event. I reached my fundraising goal (a big thanks to everyone who donated!) The weather report doesn't look too promising (snow??) but that's part of the point of the event. While I'm cycling outside for one hour in the cold, I'm going to imagine not having a home, and having to be out in the elements all day and night. It's a good thing I've become quite familiar with exercising in the cold this winter. This will be my third outdoor event this year! Remember when I said I wasn't going to do anymore outdoor events/races? So much for that..but after my very snowy weekend I should be able to handle it.

All photo's by CJ!

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