Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Lousy Vocabulary and a Delicious Snack

The other day I forgot the word "apostrophe."
I was trying to spell a word and I was like, "what are those things called? You know, they're like commas in the air?"
Things like this happen quite frequently.
CJ is used to it by now, he just laughs and shakes his head.

Sometimes I forget a word can have more than one meaning.
Like the time my brother said he was doing research for one of his law professors.
I was like, "research? How do you do research for Law?"
At this time I was working at a clinical research center and I forgot that other types of research existed.

Sometimes I mispronounce/make up words.
Like the time when I was talking about a person I found annoying and I told CJ, "I wish I could exo-communicate them"
CJ was like "Huh?"
And I was like, "you know that word! It means to be kicked out of the church or something"
"I think you mean EX-communicate" he said.

While my vocabulary might not be the best, I certainly excel at other things, such as snack-making!

Here is one of my current snack obsessions:

Bananas with a peanut butter and yogurt sauce topped with walnuts
(I copied this recipe based on the dish served at Red Elephant Inn)

What you need:

1 banana
2 tbsp greek yogurt, plain or vanilla
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 sprinkle of brown sugar
Optional chopped walnuts

How to make:
Peel & slice up the banana
Mix the yogurt and peanut butter together until you have a nice creamy consistency.
Sprinkle in the brown sugar, however much you want.
Pour over the sliced bananas, and top with chopped walnuts!
That’s it!

 Quick, easy, tasty, and healthy!  Just the way I like my snacks!

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