Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turning into an Icicle at ICycle

Happy Leap Year! Day!

Today was my ICycle Homestart Fundraiser (again I just want to thank everyone who donated to me!  I exceeded my goal and raised $280!).  I worked a half day at the office and then headed over to the event.  It started to snow right when I was leaving work.

I arrived a little early so I chatted with my friend Anthony, who actually works for the organization, Homestart.  He told me I could use the gym Fitness International to get changed.  Since I had time to kill I went up to check it out.
This is when I discovered something horrifying.
I forgot to pack my running tights and grabbed a black tank top instead!  Gah!  Luckily I did pack shorts that I was planning on wearing over the tights (Is it just me or anyone else feel awkward wearing just leggings and nothing else over your butt?).

This was obviously not ideal, but what could I do?  I doubt this nice gym has a closet full of spare pants.

So I did what I had to do, I did the spinning class outside, in shorts, in the snow!

I felt a little silly because:
a.  My legs are extremely pale
b.  Lots of people kept asking me if my legs were cold, and I had to keep saying, "Yes, but I didn't mean to wear shorts, I just forgot to pack my pants!"
Exibit a: pale legs.
While I was a little chilly, I warmed up pretty fast, and I didn't turn into an icicle!

After the event, I headed over to the RaceMenu Office to pick up a medal they had for me.
As you may know, one of my main motivations for doing races is the medals! I love them!  The folks over at RaceMenu were awesome, we ended up chatting for a little while, and they even gave me a free T-shirt as well!
RaceMenu T-shirt + Medal= Success!

Overall a great day!  Now it's time for some quality time with my space heater.


  1. Thanks Lindsey! I'm gonna need it! Good thing I'll have Stacey by my side!

  2. I'm sure you were freezing- but the pictures make it look exciting and fun! Nice work!

  3. Thank you! It was definitely an experience! :)


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