Friday, March 2, 2012

The Pea's Knees 1.2

1. The blog world has gone bananas for St. Patty's day. I've yet to get on board. But I will share this(cool), and this(holy yum), and this(a little overboard).

2. My Joy the Baker Cookbook is finally here!!!  Wahooo!! Can't wait to read it cover to cover! She is such an inspiration to me.

3.  I think this is pretty cool  Weird how some people don't change at all.

4.  My boss told me about this website, and I've since discovered tons of internet gold. Like this and this.

5. So far this year I've been doing pretty good reaching my 2012 fitness and life goals:

a. I sort of ran a 5k in under 29 minutes (I ran a 5 mile race, with a 5k marker, that I reached in 26 min and 48 seconds)
b. I signed up for (and am about to) run a 10 mile race. Black Cat race this Sunday!!
c. Go on a trip: Been on 2 weekend getaways this year!
d. Continue to blog my little heart out: Continuing!

Things left to do:
  • Learn to juggle
  • Master the crane pose
  • Learn to eat at a slower pace
  • Move out (Will I ever leave the nest? Stay Tuned)
 6.  My friend Anthony told me he had some pictures of me from the ICycle event.  I just hoped they would be a little more flattering than these, but I'll share them with you anyway:

 Peas out.

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