Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIAW: Back to Reality Eats

Hello! It's that time again, today is What I Ate Wednesday!
This is my third round of the weekly food journal party that Jen hosts over at Peas and Crayons.  Thanks again for hosting, Jen!  P.S read her proposal story, pretty cute and funny.

This WIAW is called "Back to Reality eats" because all last week I was on staycation, which makes eating healthy a lot easier.  Eating healthy during the work week involves more planning and prepping, which is difficult when you're short on time.  That's why I've gotten into a weekday breakfast and lunch routine of oatmeal+peanut butter and then a sandwich or salad with protein for lunch.  It's a little boring, but at least I know it's going to keep me satisfied until my next meal.  Staying full/satisfied is very important to me since I have a semi-irrational fear of being hungry.  My worst nightmare is not bringing enough food to last me through the day.  I spend most days rationing out my snacks all day so I can make it to my commute home with energy.  There's nothing worse (for me) than starving on the train ride home. 

All food here was from Tuesday, July 10th, aka Don't Step on a Bee Day (Important one for me since I'm allergic to bee stings), Teddy Bear Picnic day, and Pina Colada Day!  Bet you didn't know about any of those holidays!  I'm just a wealth of information.

Oatmeal with a scoop of Wild Harvest Organic Peanut Butter, Blueberries, Blackberries + Coffee

1 Clementine and some of Tracy's walnuts and raisins (she's good at sharing)

Turkey+Provolone on Multi-Grain Bread with Honey Dijon Mustard

1 BabyBel Cheese
another small handful of Walnuts

1 handful Animal Crackers + 2 tbsp peanut butter (no pic, felt awkward taking one in front of my coworkers...)

I ran a short 2 miles after work.  I ran at a 9:46 pace and finished in 19 minutes and 39 seconds.  Not impressive by any means, but I was still sore from Monday's Crossfit Trial (more on that later) that I couldn't go any faster and I didn't want to push myself.  A short and slow run is better than no run!

1 Glass of Sweet Tea
Wacky Mac with sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, and marinara sauce, topped with Parmesan,  very similar to last Tuesday's dinner.  I guess I'm a creature of habit.  I did try to jazz it up by using Wacky Mac instead of regular pasta.  It was fun, I like to eat shapes, especially wheels.
Nothing like a big ole glass of sweet tea in a mason jar with a handle! These are my favorite glasses.

I ended my day with a little bedtime snack.  A bowl of Wild Harvest Cherry Almond Granola topped with the last of the blueberries.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I want that mason jar cup! So adorable! Mmm walnuts are the best and so filling:)

  2. Yea its my favorite glass! i actually "borrowed" it from a bar cuz I fell in love with it, oops!! haha


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